Escape Rooms Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is one of the most family-friendly vacation destinations in the state. Most families come for the waterparks, but there are dozens of unique activities here that the kids will love, including escape rooms. The escape rooms in Wisconsin Dells offer a fun and interactive way for families to spend time together on vacation. These creatively themed rooms offer 60-minute real-life adventure games that require your group to decipher clues and complete puzzles before the time runs out! Whether you want to embark on a space mission to Mars or navigate your way out of a creepy cabin in the woods, see if you have what it takes to escape in Wisconsin Dells!

Booby Trap Escape Rooms

Booby Trap Escape Rooms offers six fun-themed rooms for the whole family. The Slime Lab room is designed for kids 12 and under and takes your family through the slime lab, where you can create your own slime. If you are visiting the Dells with older kids, we recommend the Cell Block E room, where you will have to escape the grasp of the evil prison warden.

Elusive Escape Rooms

Elusive Escape Rooms provides seven themed rooms to choose from, ranging from medium to hard. They offer mysterious and scary escape rooms where you can escape from a cabin in the woods or from the clutches of a notorious serial killer. If you want a room the kids can enjoy, sign up for the Enchanted Potion Room. This magical room will transform your group into witches and wizards looking for the proper formula for an important potion.

DOA Room Escape

This Wisconsin Dells escape room offers one-of-a-kind rooms based on actual historical events. The Mission Mars room is a family-friendly voyage that will take you to the red planet to recover a rover and decode its message. There also offer two Twister rooms that are meant to simulate an actual tornado. See if you have what it takes to navigate your way out of the 1974 tornado outbreak!

Dells Escape Rooms

Dells Escape Rooms offers five different room options ranging from family-friendly to advanced. If you are looking for a room for the family, then enter Mission Control, where you will have fifteen minutes to repair your spacecraft. There are also rooms where you can complete a bank heist, disable a bomb, or solve a mysterious murder in a creepy mansion.

Wisconsin Dells Vacation Rentals for Families

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